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Diabetic Instructions

Type 1. Juvenile or Insulin Dependent Diabetics.

Patients on insulin pumps should continue using their pumps up to, during and
after surgery using a basal rate only. Their routine use may be resumed after they commence their usual diet. Patients on long acting insulins such as NPH, Lente or Ultralente should take their evening dose as usual but reduce any morning doses by 1/3 if the surgery is in the morning, or by 1/2 if in the afternoon. Regular insulin should be held until a regular diet is resumed. Patients on long acting insulins such as LantusĀ® should reduce their evening dose prior to surgery by 20%. Regular short acting insulins should be withheld until diet is resumed after their surgery.

Type 2. Adult Onset Diabetes or Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetics.

Patients should avoid taking their oral diabetic medication the night before surgery. This medication may be resumed the night after their surgery once they have resumed their diet. Patients with type 2 diabetes who take insulin should follow the guidelines for type 1 diabetes. All diabetic patients should continue to monitor their blood sugars before and after their surgery. Blood sugars will be monitored during your stay by the Outpatient Surgery staff. Because anesthesia and surgery is a stressful time , blood sugars may fluctuate and require more frequent monitoring during the first few hours after surgery.

Fasting guidelines are the same for diabetic or non-diabetic patients:

If you take medications regularly for heart and lung conditions (such as angina, chest pain, high blood pressure or asthma) or for seizure (epilepsy) control, we recommend that you continue to take them on your usual schedule including the day of surgery. These may be taken with a sip of water.